Becoming All That You Are via the Relational Paradigm

M. Dorsey Cartwright 11.08.2008 05:20

Becoming All That You Are via the Relational Paradigm

[Baby Steps for Couples and Individuals]


M. Dorsey Cartwright



The Keeping The Love You Find work introduced singles to making behavioral changes of themselves in order to grow beyond the defenses that interfered with being in a healing committed partnership. As Imago Relationship Therapy matures, we understand more fully the responsibility that those in a committed relationship have for their own healing. The question becomes not just "What changes can my partner make that will meet my need and heal this wound?" but also, "How do I need to change in order to evoke and support my partner's willingness and ability to meet my needs?" Restoring the power for change with the one who wants it.


However, growth is difficult and our defensive adaptations can interfere with our following through on growth commitments we have made either with ourselves or in response to a partner's requests. It is therefore important to understand the powerful forces of resistance and to learn processes for bringing these underlying fears, distorted beliefs, and unhealed pain into consciousness where they can be worked with respectfully and compassionately.


Using material from the Keeper's Advanced Toolbox, Dorsey will guide participants through dyadic, dialogical processes for using a past/present relationship to identify a reactive behavior, design a personal behavior change, and honoring the resistance that can unconsciously interfere with growing into the new behavior



Educational Objectives:


This workshop is designed to help you: 1. Create a Personal Growth Plan to operationalize specific behavior changes for stretching out of your character structure and adaptations.


2. Practice using a relationship frustration for creating a personal behavior change


3. Apply a dialogical process for developing a working relationship with your own resistance.


AV Requirements:

A hand-held mic if there are more than ten in my workshop



M. Dorsey Cartwright, LMFT: Is a Couples and Singles workshop presenter and one of the four Keepers, Jill Fein Baker, Carol Kramer, and Sophie Slade, who wrote the Deepening the Conscious Self: An Advance Tool Box for Couples, Individuals and Groups. She began her clinical training in 1990 to help singles, like herself, to have healthy, satisfying love relationships. Dorsey credits the KTLYF work as a major factor in her being with her Partner in Healing, Neil Meili. They give trainings in their new home in Austin, TX., as well as Mykonos, Greece and other exciting places!



Deepening the Conscious Self: An Advanced Toolbox For Working with Individuals, Couples, and Groups by Jill Fein Baker, M. Dorsey Cartwright, Carol Kramer Slepian, and Sophie Slade.


Imago Relationship Therapy: An Introduction to Theory and Practice by Rick Brown Ph.D.


Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find by Harville Hendrix, Ph. D.