Riki Rossman and Ann-Marie Rokem 11.08.2008 05:39

This presentation will deal with various aspects of developing a dialogue with the body. We will focus on utilizing body sensations related to intimate situations and trauma in connection with Imago Relationship Therapy.


Riki Rossman is a psychotherapist, authorized sex therapist, working with individual, couple and family therapy and is a senior lecturer in the area of sex and psychotherapy. Riki Rossman emphasizes the importance of the interchange of the physical and sexual as the important discourse in couple relationships, especially in situations of closeness and intimacy. In her therapeutic work with couples, Riki identified 4 types of intimacy: Feelings, words, physical and sexual. In the framework of sexual therapy, she has integrated the emotions and verbal communication of Imago to deal with emotional and physical obstructions.

Her presentation will explore four subjects.

  1. General knowledge of the intimate, sexual and physical place and the interaction of duality and sexuality.
  2. Use of Imago in sexual therapy. Verbal dialogue: How does it contribute to the intimate sexual communication?
  3. Understanding of emotional childhood wounds as a constraint for sexual pleasure.
  4. Conscious and unconscious sexual attraction in choice of partner (The working ego).


Riki Rossman M.A., a psychotherapist and licensed sex therapist.



Ann-Marie Rokem is a psychotherapist, movement therapist and body psychotherapist and works with individuals, couples and families. In her presentation she will explore how we can work with the body to help heal emotional trauma. She will suggest an extension of the Imago model through the use of body language, movements and the "melody of the language" as a means to expand the healing of emotional wounds. This release of tension and development of the ability to contain sensations and feelings through bodywork enables the couple to build and retain a base of genuine and stable emotional security. 

A video clip demonstrating how to include bodywork with the Imago dialogue will be presented.


Ann-Marie Rokem, M.A., Couple and family therapist, Certified Imago therapist.