Dorit Noy-Sharav, Prof. Pinchas Noy, Miri Shachnai, Libba Carpenter Wells 11.08.2008 05:39

The panel will explore aspects of Imago Relationship theory and practice as they pertain to other theories that perceive the psychological development of individuals in the context of a relationship - Object Relations theory, Self-theory, and Relational theories. The panel will also explore expansions of Imago therapy by contributions from some other therapeutic techniques such as the Dialectic-Behavioral technique.(DBT).


Dorit Noy-Sharav, Senior Clinical Psychologist, supervisor and Imago therapist, will discuss some of Winnicott's concepts, such as: Holding, Paradox, Intermediate and potential space, Manic defense and Play, as they enrich our understanding of Imago theory and therapy and as they may well promote its development.


Pinchas Noy, Prof., Psychoanalyst, writer of numerous papers in psychoanalytic theory, and author of the book "Psychoanalysis of art and creativity" will examine the antecedents of Imago theory in psychoanalytic Object-Relations theory, and show it's contribution to forwarding therapy and encouraging personal development.


Miri Shachnai, Couple and family therapist and supervisor, and Imago therapist, will examine the components of Imago dialogue - mirroring, confirmation and empathy - in the light of the needs of the self for a containing, soothing, naming and repairing selfobject, as described by Kohut and Shaddock.


Libba Carpenter-Wells - Advanced psychiatric nurse, Imago therapist and well known Workshops presenter, will discuss concepts and skills created by Marsha Linehan, in her method of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) as they resonate with the imago intentional dialogue. She will describe how the dialectic worldview and tools support the work with couples who suffer from serious psychopathology.


The panel offers an opportunity for therapists of different orientations and Imago therapists to exchange ideas and expand their perception and their therapeutic skills.