Dr. James J. Wisecup 11.08.2008 05:39

Imago Relationship Therapy is a highly effective methodology because .of the intentional use of the dialogical process. Dialogue as a process and as a structure does not always work for some couples, and, therefore, cannot be incorporated into the relationship. The couple that won't or can't dialogue can easily feel that they have failed or that dialogue is not for them. The therapist can feel frustrated or confused when couples can't dialogue. What to do? How to understand what the dilemma is? How to keep the couple in process?


The Imago therapist can respond to each person by modeling the dialogue process- mirroring, validating and empathizing. Often times the modeling of the process by therapist can open the "shut doors: of reactivity, resistance, and hopelessness". Feeling understood by the therapist may provide some sense of relief and hope.


For some couples the therapists use of dialogue may not be enough. The goals of understanding the other and connecting may be thwarted by sever affect laden states. Some people actively resist being known. The deeply rejected and repressed experiences and feeling states such as shame, envy, greed, cowardice and abusiveness are not welcome or tolerated in the open air of dialogue. However, as the hidden forces that they are, they drive, distort, and destroy the intrapsychic and interpersonal realm.


Psychodrama utilizes many techniques such as doubting, role-playing, role reversal, auxiliary ego, and empathetic improvisation to dramatize, concretize and expand the self-presentations or conflicts within the couple relationship. These various techniques will be demonstrated in each of the feeling states with audience participation. The underlying premise is that some individuals are "locked-in" or stuck in an altered state of consciousness that has not been recognized, valued, or welcomed into the "here and now"'.


The goal of the: workshop is to demonstrate the usefulness of psychodrama and its techniques as an integral partner of lmago Therapy. It will be shown how an Imago Therapist can incorporate some techniques into his/her lmago practice.