M. Dorsey Cartwright 11.08.2008 05:54

Using material from the Keeper's Advanced Toolbox, Dorsey will guide participants through dyadic, dialogical processes for using a past/present relationship to identify a reactive behavior that keeps you from getting or keeping the love you want She will help you design a Personal Behavior Change, and respectfully work with your internal resistances that can unconsciously interfere with growing into the new behavior.


M. Dorsey Cartwright, LMFT, CIRT: Is a Couples and Singles Imago workshop presenter and one of the four Keeper's, Jill Fein Baker, Carol Kramer-Slepian, and Sophie Slade, who wrote the Deepening the Conscious Self: An Advance Tool Box for Couples, Individuals and Groups. She began her clinical training in 1990 to help singles, like herself, have healthy, satisfying love relationships. Dorsey credits the Keeping The Love You Find: Individual Imago work as a major factor in her being with her Partner in Healing, Neil Meili.  They give trainings in Texas, Canada, as well as Mykonos, Greece and other exciting places!