Marcia Ferstenfeld and Dr. Beverly Talan 11.08.2008 05:54


·         Learn what children need to feel whole

·         Gain insights into barriers to positive interactions

·         Discover you are not alone in your struggle to relate effectively to the children in your life

·         Find out more about what you are doing right

·         Understand how your childhood experience affects your relationship to children

·         Practice getting out of the power struggles and into a win-win relationship


This workshop includes lectures; demonstrations; guided imagery; written exercises and communication practice.  The weekend is designed for married or single parents or individuals and couples who wish to understand the challenge of relating to children. Those who attend individually will work with another participant for practice in pairs. The workshop is focused on expanding understanding in a supportive and confidential atmosphere.


Two formats of this workshop presentation will be available during this event:

Option 1: Two-day pre-conference workshop

Option 2: 3 our workshop as part of the conference program.


Beverly and Marcia are both advanced clinicians and workshop presenters certified by Imago Relationships International founded by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.