Dr. Esther Elizur 11.08.2008 05:54

To unveil our heart is one of the greatest challenges and greatest joys of conscious relationship. How can we discover the love buried under our defensive shield of fear and reactivity? How can we be fully present with each other? What can the Buddhist tradition offer, regarding relationship as a passageway for spiritual growth and the “best teaching” we can get?


Through experiential exercises and short partner meditations, we will learn practices of deep listening, clear seeing and the owning of our experience in the dialogue relationship. We will re-connect to the healing qualities of our hearts, such as gentleness, loving- kindness, compassion and acceptance of our partner and ourselves. All these, as a deepening of our sacred journey of conscious intimacy.


Dr. Esther Elizur, clinical psychologist, imago therapist and family and group therapist. She is a teacher at the Psychotherapy Institute for Advanced Studies, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Israeli mind- body center, Ramat Hasharon.