Dorsey Cartwright 11.08.2008 05:54

There's an array of selves that live within each of us. Some of these selves enhance our effectiveness with clients, while others, such as the "Rational Mind," the "Psychological Knower," the "Caretaker," the "Pusher," and the "Inner Critic," can reduce it. Voice Dialogue enables you to remain in charge, rather than having your sessions hijacked by your inner selves or those of your clients. In this experiential session, you will learn how to directly experience the energetic reality of your selves and how to draw from their inherent wisdom to make your clinical work more effective.


M. Dorsey Cartwright, M.Ed. is the author of The International Voice Dialogue Teacher's Training Manual and the founder of the Texas Institute of Voice Dialogue Training. She's also an Imago workshop presenter.