Eitan Aram and Dr. James Wisecup 11.08.2008 05:54

For more than a decade Eitan Aram has been working with young, severely distressed families. Seven years ago he started using the Imago ideas and techniques in his work with these families, first in Kiryat Sh’mona and today across Israel. The work is done through dozens of social workers in welfare departments, who were specifically trained to be a part of the project. Eitan will present the “Dror” project, named after a common little Israeli “bird of freedom”. The main goal of the project is to set these young families, who are third generation to poverty, free of the “poverty cage”.


Eitan will describe the Imago ideas and techniques that are used in the “Dror” project, when working with young, poor, disturbed families. He will describe and define these families in Israel and present the Imago principles that were adapted for working with them. The methods of working with the families and the unique difficulties that the social workers face will be discussed via case studies. Dr. Wisecup, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychodrama therapist and shaman, will serve as the discussant.