Dr. James J. Wisecup 11.08.2008 05:54

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the various kinds of traumatic experiences that participants have experienced and/or are working on with their clients. Through sociometric patterns and connections, people will then create the pictures of trauma that can be addressed by personal sharing, psychodramatic processes, and shamanic methods. The transformational goal will be to create 'sacred space' wherein all of the participants can re-connect with some of their denied and disowned selves. This will happen through the acknowledgement of the powerful impact of trauma upon our daily lives, making room for the grieving process that can begin the recovery process, and learning how to access and develop the spiritual power of shamanism. This workshop will be based on Imago Relationship Therapy Theory and will incorporate psychodrama and shamanic practices to reach a new level of healing. This will be a very intense and powerful experience.


Dr. James J. Wisecup is an ordained Lutheran Minister, Pastoral Psychotherapist, Psychodramatist, British Object Relations Psychoanalyst, Imago Relationship Therapist, Shamanic Practioner and healer. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter who conveys a wide array of knowledge and wisdom with great compassion. Jim has been a student and practioner of psychotherapy in the New York City area and southern Connecticut for 30 years.